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One-Stop Bronx Body Shop & Collision Repair

Empire Auto Group’s body shop that has been proudly serving the Bronx area with collision repair services for over 30 years. We repair cars of all makes, models & years performing services such as:

  • Pothole Damage Repair
  • Curb Impact Damage Repair
  • Dent Repair
  • Frame & Chassis Repair
  • Bumper Collision Repair
  • Wheel, Rim & Fender Repair
  • Collision Repair

Our body shop is located at 1403 Story Ave, Bronx, NY, 10473 and is open Monday–Friday, 9AM–6PM. Reach us at 718-585-5885.

Pothole Damage Repair

It’s a wonder modern roads can hold out for as long as they do without falling apart. The immense weight of non-stop traffic crushes the asphalt, leading to cracks that accumulate rainwater. Vehicles that drive over the puddle violently squish the water that hits the asphalt like a jackhammer, splitting it open. That is what creates the bane of all cars — potholes.

Even if you don’t see it, you will definitely feel a pothole and your car will act and sound like it went over a landmine. That thud was the sound of your car’s suspension, chassis, and frame getting damaged by the sudden drop into the pothole, leaving a permanent mark on your car that can still handle just fine until the next pothole.

Potholes are insidious in that they gradually damage your car’s ability to move and turn. Pay attention to how your car moves and turns in tight spaces and give us a call if you notice it’s becoming unreliable.

Dent Repair

Hailstones and similar small, hard objects leave sharp dents that are difficult to fix using DIY tools and techniques. The problem stems from the fact that dent repair requires finding the exact center of the dent to bring the metal back to how it was without thinning it. Since such dents are deep and come to a sharp point, they’re extremely difficult to fix without professionals using specialized tools.

We examine dents from several angles using special lighting to find the exact center and have dozens of specialized tools for different alloys and locations on the car’s frame. We need to get up close to the car and scrutinize the dents to see the damage but do get in touch and show us what’s happened and we’ll give you our fair assessment.

Frame & Chassis Repair

The frame and the chassis represent the car’s outer shell that protects the sensitive components inside the car from damage and provides the occupants with a pleasant ride. The frame and the chassis are stiff and resistant to corrosion but can still get warped and damaged through wear and tear.

Frame and chassis dovetail into each other at certain points that are where the majority of the damage becomes apparent. Those are most often points where the car pillars (the strips of metal between the windows that connect the roof and the floor) come together. 

We determine the damage to the frame and the chassis by checking the pillars and then lifting the car up in the air and shining a light at its chassis. You can estimate the damage by finding bumps, bends, and warped spots on the frame or listening for weird noises coming from the chassis when the car is in motion.

Bumper Collision Repair

Braking too much during rush hour leads to a traffic jam as each driver overcompensates to avoid even the slightest contact with the car in front. What you probably didn’t know is that cars have a special part designed to get in contact with the same part on other cars without causing damage. That part is called the bumper. When you use your bumper as intended, your car nudges the car in front and gives it the boost it needs to get going much faster. Even when you don’t use it as intended and your bumper ends up crushed, it will still help protect other parts of your car from damage. Since bumpers are designed to crumple, the simplest way to repair them is to get a new one. If it’s cracked or hanging, it’s time to get a new bumper so give us a call and we’ll find and install a replacement for you.

Bumpers sacrifice themselves so that wheels, rims, and fenders survive intact and the car remains driveable. When bumpers fail, those three suffer and you’re looking at serious repair time and cost. Curb impact damage is another unseen source of danger in urban areas with tight turning spaces, damaging bumpers, wheels, rims, and fenders with equal ease.

Curb Impact Damage Repair

Curbs offer additional protection for pedestrians by separating the sidewalk from the road. Curbs are designed so that a car climbing onto the curb provides audio and tactile feedback to the driver that the car has encroached on the sidewalk. 

Hitting a curb, even at mere 5 MPH, can still damage your car’s electronics, frame, or chassis. That damage might be just cosmetic or it could manifest hours later as loss of control when you’re driving at full speed down a thoroughfare. It doesn’t hurt to check so get in touch and we’ll inspect the car for you if you suspect you hit a curb.


Cars are no longer a luxury but a necessity. They are driven more than ever and need to be more reliable than ever. Your car needs TLC on a regular basis so it can get you to where you need to be in the fastest and the safest way possible and at a moment’s notice. If you’ve been in a collision or want to get your car in the best shape imaginable, contact us and we’ll help you out.